Integration With Existing Processes

The Outreach Team will look for opportunities to leverage existing forums, processes and meetings to disseminate information about the Mid SJR RFMP.  The Mid SJR RFMP outreach process will aim to schedule workshops and meetings to coincide, but not conflict, with other efforts that have overlapping stakeholder groups, including the following:

  • East Stanislaus Integrated Regional Water Management Program
  • Westside San Joaquin Integrated Regional Water Management Program
  • Upper San Joaquin River RFMP
  • Lower San Joaquin River and South Delta RFMP
  • Watershed Stakeholder groups – Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced Rivers
  • Stanislaus County Supervisors meetings
  • San Joaquin River Restoration Program technical working group meetings
  • San Joaquin River Partnership meetings
  • Central Valley Flood Protection Board meetings and Coordinating Committee meetings
  • 2017 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan and Conservation Strategy

With Integrated Regional Water Management Plans

The Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and the Regional Flood Management Plan are sister efforts of the California Department of Water Resources to assist local entities to plan, design and possibly attain funding for water projects in the future.  Both efforts are locally driven, and seek to identify and prioritize projects to benefit water supply, environmental quality, and flood management. It is important that both efforts are broadly supported and fully integrated to give regional improvement projects a great shot at competitive funding.