Black Gulch Storm Drainage Study

Project Lead: City of Patterson

Potential Project Partners:
Stanislaus County

Short Project Description:
There is a permitted spillway into the Delta Mendota Canal (DMC) from Black Gulch, a drainage situated between Salado and Del Puerto creeks, which keeps a local commercial area in Patterson from flooding. A study needs to be performed to determine what alternative solutions might be appropriate if/when the DMC Authority decides to not renew the permit.

Long Project Description:
Black Gulch resides between Salado Creek and Del Puerto Creek and storm drain flows enter the existing Villa Del Lago development in the City via culvert crossings underneath Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct. There is a permitted spillway into the DMC that keeps the Del Lago Commercial area from flooding. A study needs to be performed to evaluate options to contain flood control water if the DMC Authority elects to not renew an agreement, which allows for the overflow of storm drainage into the DMC during heavy rain events. A drainage study is needed to evaluate options to address storm water flow at this location and to try to renew the permit. The Black Gulch runoff typically works its way through varying sized culverts until it reaches the San Joaquin River.

In the screening- and ranking-level assessments, it is assumed that the items identified in the proposed study would be implemented and, therefore, the anticipated benefits would be realized. The only exception is the cost-effectiveness criterion, RC-9, where only the cost and benefit of the study can be compared because the costs for the action items that would come out of the study can’t be estimated until the study is complete.

Unique Project Characteristics:
None specified

Project Status Pre-planning
Project Cost $28,000
Project Timeframe Undetermined
Cost-sharing Stanislaus County
Multi-benefit Project Potentially
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management and could potentially improve operations and maintenance, promote ecosystem functions, and/or promote multi-benefit projects.
Source of Project City of Patterson, SDMP

Background Information:

None provided