City of Newman/Bureau of Reclamation Flood Levee Rehabilitation

Project Lead: City of Newman

Potential Project Partners:
Bureau of Reclamation

Short Project Description:
Rehabilitate a flood protection levee on Bureau of Reclamation property between the Newman Wasteway and the City of Newman Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Long Project Description:
Option 1: Repair erosion and rodent damage by excavating, replacing and compacting levee. Construct uniform 2.5:1 slope and construct 12’ access road atop flood levee for maintenance. Place slope protection, rip-rap or cobble, on flood prone side. Provide agreements for continual maintenance, patrolling during flooding and control of weeds and rodents. Option 2: Bureau of Reclamation deed over said flood levee to City of Newman for full repair and maintenance by City of Newman. Option 3: Bureau of Reclamation provide long term lease of said levee property to City of Newman for full repair and maintenance.

Unique Project Characteristics:
The subject flood protection levee is on the Bureau of Reclamation property; however, the levee protects the City of Newman’s wastewater treatment plant. This has created the situation that the City of Newman is unable to provide ongoing maintenance to said levee, therefore the levee has not been maintained since 1979 and is now subject to failure.

Project Status Pre-planning
Project Cost $225,000
Project Timeframe 45-day construction time
Cost-sharing Bureau of Reclamation/City of Newman
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management. As the project would protect water quality in the event of a flood event, it is also considered consistent with the supporting objective of promoting multi-benefit projects.
Source of Project City of Newman

Background Information:
In 1979, the City of Newman upgraded its wastewater treatment plant which included the construction of a flood protection levee to protect the WWTP from periodic flooding from the San Joaquin River. At that time, for reasons unknown, approximately 2150 feet of flood protection levee at the south east section of the WWTP sits on Bureau of Reclamation property along the Newman Wasteway. The City of Newman WWTP continually maintains, improves and patrols during flooding, the section(s) of flood protection levees that sit within the City of Newman-WWTP property. However, the City of Newman hasn’t the authority to maintain that section of flood protection levee that is on the Bureau of Reclamation property. Over the year’s rodents, erosion and neglect has compromised the integrity of the Bureau of Reclamation flood protection levee. During flood years seepage has been observed by City personnel on the Reclamation section of levee.