Patterson WWTP – Reduce Flood Risks

Project Lead: City of Patterson

Potential Project Partners:
No partners identified at this time

Short Project Description:
Develop and evaluate potential solutions to existing flood hazards at the City of Patterson WWTP.

Long Project Description:
There is limited information available concerning the extent of flooding that occurs at or near the City of Patterson Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) located along the San Joaquin River. Further study is needed to understand if the existing berm system surrounding the WWTP is adequate to control flooding or if the berms are of adequate size or length to control the seasonal flooding. A review of the limits of the flooding around the WWTP is needed. Specifically, the site should be surveyed to determine the size and heights of embankments, and high water elevations should be determined and whether they could affect operation of the WWTP. If inadequate, design solutions will be recommended which may include extending the embankments, increasing the height of the existing embankments or if the current system is adequate recommend no action.

In the screening- and ranking-level assessments, it is assumed that the items identified in the proposed study would be implemented and, therefore, the anticipated benefits would be realized. The only exception is the cost-effectiveness criterion, RC-9, where only the cost and benefit of the study can be compared because the costs for the action items that would come out of the study can’t be estimated until the study is complete.

Unique Project Characteristics:
None specified

Project Status Pre-planning
Project Cost $27,000
Project Timeframe Undetermined
Cost-sharing No opportunities identified to date
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management. As the project would protect water quality in the event of a flood event, it is considered consistent with the supporting objective of promoting multi-benefit projects.
Source of Project City of Patterson

Background Information:
None provided