Regional Maintenance Technical Support

Update Status: Significantly revised 4/15/2016

Project Lead: RD 2091 and RD 2092

Potential Project Partners:
CVFPB - permitting, technical assistance; landowners - funding, governance; DWR - funding, technical assistance; USACE - possibly funding for repairs; Stanislaus County - oversees governance and financing; engineering firms, environmental firms, other technical experts as needed

Short Project Description:
Development and distribution of technical information and resources to support LMA fulfillment of maintenance responsibilities within the Mid SJR Region.

Long Project Description:
It is very challenging for LMAs in the Mid SJR Region to fulfill their maintenance responsibilities to the satisfaction of both DWR and the USACE. This is true, in part, because LMA’s have limited staff resources. Typically, maintenance responsibilities are only a small part of any one staff member’s job. It is also because of such factors as conflicting standards, evolving and variable regulatory constraints, inconsistent or missing guidance with regard to permitting and best management practices with regard to compliance with permitting requirements.

By creating a program to develop and disseminate technical resources within the Mid SJR Region to support LMA fulfillment of maintenance responsibilities, this project will provide essential support to the participating LMAs of the Mid SJR Region. As a result of access to this information, the LMAs will better be able to effectively interact with the inspection programs and regulatory agencies to identify maintenance practices that meet inspection agency, regulatory agency, and LMA needs. As part of the program, the implemementing entity or entities will proactively engage participating LMAs on maintenance practices, providing advice, leadership, and directing some or all maintenance activities.

An initial effort would be required to establish the governance, financing, staffing, administration, program responsibilities and accounting for in-kind contributions. The program would be funded for at least two years as a pilot project. The initiation of this effort would require at least the participation of 2 or more LMAs; may grow to involve more LMAs after initial establishment.

Unique Project Characteristics:
Will generate regional benefits; may provide a model for other regions

Project Status Pre-planning
Project Cost $100,000
Project Timeframe 1-5 years
Cost-sharing Participating LMAs, possibly Stanislaus County. Some costs may also be eligible for funding from local, state or federal grant programs
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management; operations and maintenance; and institutional support.
Source of Project RD 2092, consultant team


Background Information:
Maintenance reports; Inspection Reports; Maintenance Agreement with CVFPB; USACE O&M Manual.

Latitude: 37.520891      

Longitude: -121.103379