Salado Creek Flood Management Project

Project Lead: City of Patterson

Potential Project Partners:
Stanislaus County

Short Project Description:
Widening of Salado Creek from the Delta Mendota Canal to the city limits.

Long Project Description:
The project involves widening of Salado Creek from the Delta Mendota Canal (DMC) to the city limits, which is approximately 6,000 feet in length. The width of Salado Creek would be widened to accommodate 710 cubic feet per second to match the City of Patterson Storm Drain Master Plan sizing requirements. In addition, this project would also limit the Delta Mendota Canal to the City Limits.

Through review of air photos may indicate that some portions of the creek may already be of adequate width to accommodate the design flow. This project estimate assumes that the full length between the DMC and the City limits requires widening.

Unique Project Characteristics:
Upon research of 1916 USGS topographic maps, Salado Creek was channelized prior to 1916. Looking at the government survey from the 1870's, the creek stops and appears on the map to possibly sheet flow or fan.

Project Status Pre-planning
Project Cost $600,000
Project Timeframe Undetermined
Cost-sharing Cost will be shared by Stanislaus County and the City of Patterson at an undetermined ratio
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management.
Source of Project City of Patterson


Background Information:
None provided.