Black Gulch Storm Drainage Study

City of Newman/Bureau of Reclamation Flood Levee Rehabilitation

Consolidation of O&M

Dennett Dam Removal - REVISED (3/7/2016)

Dos Rios Ranch Floodplain Expansion and Ecosystem Restoration Project and Hidden Valley Ranch Mitigation Project - REVISED (3/7/2016)

Dry Creek Watershed Detention Reconnaissance Study

Emergency Response Plan – Debris Management

Emergency Response Plan – Local Planning and Training

Flood Risk Education

Gomes Lake / Harding Drain Improvements

Grayson Multi-benefit Flood Risk Reduction Project - NEW (3/4/2016)

Hydraulic and Channel Migration Studies

Integrated Levee Vegetation Management – Flood Maintenance and Habitat

La Grange Floodplain Restoration and Spawning Gravel Augmentation

Little Salado Creek

Modesto WWTPs: Flood and Water Quality Risk Reduction - REVISED (3/4/2016)

Orestimba Creek Flood Risk Management Project - REVISED (3/4/2016)

Patterson WWTP – Reduce Flood Risks

RD 1602 Resilience - REVISED (3/4/2016)

RD 2031 Resilience

RD 2063 Resilience

RD 2091 Resilience

RD 2101 Resilience

Reducing Sediment Loading into the San Joaquin River from Westside Agricultural Lands

Regional Maintenance Technical Support - REVISED (3/4/2016)

Riverfront Park Project

Salado Creek Flood Management Project

SB5 Compliance – City of Modesto

SB5 Compliance – City of Newman

SB5 Compliance – City of Patterson

Sediment Management Investigation

Stokman Multi-benefit Floodplain Project - NEW (3/4/2016)

Storm Drainage Enhancements along Salado Creek

Three Amigos (also known as the Non-structural Alternative at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge)

Tuolumne River Flood Management Feasibility Study

Tuolumne River Regional Park – Carpenter Road/West Modesto Flood Management and Park Development

Tuolumne River Regional Park

Westside Creeks On-Farm Multi-Benefit Program

WSID Fish Screen and Change in Point of Diversion Project - REVISED (3/4/2016)