Basso/LaGrange Reach Floodplain Restoration

Project Lead: Tuolumne River Preservation Trust

Short Project Description:
This project will restore 77 acres of degraded floodplain habitat along the Tuolumne River in La Grange while developing a source of spawning gravel to improve and enhance existing spawning beds in the Tuolumne River. Specific objectives of the project include:

  1. restoring functional floodplains that allow inundation at a greater frequency and reduce risks of juvenile salmonid stranding;
  2. restoring native riparian vegetation by preserving existing native vegetation and planting the appropriate species on restored surfaces inundated by the contemporary hydrologic regime,
  3. excluding trespassing cattle from the county property by building fences, and
  4. building a loop trail consistent with the restoration project to improve recreational access and utility.
Project Cost $3,800,000