Consolidation of O&M

Project Lead: Reclamation District 2092

Potential Project Partners:
One or more Reclamation Districts (RDs), so far interested parties include: RD 2031, 2101, 2092, 2091, 1602; City of Modesto - however, the details of consolidation needs further development; DWR (funding, technical assistance); RCDs, Stanislaus County (potential governance and management partners)

Short Project Description:
Two or more Reclamation Districts form a formal partnership to share technical, financial, and/or operational capacity to perform necessary operations and maintenance (O&M). As an initial step, invest 2 person-years to investigate potential governance options and design and implement a pilot maintenance agreement project.

Long Project Description:
The Mid San Joaquin Region’s RDs have ongoing Operations & Maintenance responsibilities as described in O&M Manuals developed for each RD as part of the San Joaquin River & Tributaries Project. Each RD has responsibilities for project facilities, including emergency response, routine monitoring, maintenance, and repair. To the extent that these responsibilities require specialized knowledge, equipment, supplies, and staff, savings may be realized by consolidating some or all of the fulfillment of responsibilities under a single entity. This entity might be a separate joint powers authority, or the consolidation might simply take the form of an RD entering into an agreement to perform selected responsibilities for one or more other RDs. For example, RD 2091, which has a vested interest in the performance of the levees within RD 2063, immediately upstream, might enter into an agreement with RD 2063 to perform maintenance on the levees and other facilities within RD 2063 in exchange for payment.

This project will explore the potential for consolidation of O&M responsibilities, draft a pilot maintenance agreement, and implement such an agreement if two or more RDs choose to participate. Once the maintenance agreement has been entered into, project staff will monitor the implementation effort, advise the participating RDs on implementation options and strategies, and develop a report assessing the effectiveness of the first two years of the pilot project, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future.

Unique Project Characteristics:
Potential to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of flood system O&M activities for participating RDs, as well as providing initial groundwork in the form of a pilot project that may lead to additional similar efforts elsewhere.

Project Status Planning
Project Cost $200,000
Project Timeframe 1-5 years
Cost-sharing Any participating RDs; possibly DWR
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management; operations and maintenance; and institutional support.
Source of Project RD 2092

Background Information:
USACE O&M Manuals, Maintenance Agreement with Central Valley Flood Protection Board