Emergency Response Plan – Debris Management

Project Lead: Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services

Potential Project Partners:
Stanislaus County Public Works, cities within Stanislaus County, city public works departments within Stanislaus County, Patterson Irrigation District, West Stanislaus Irrigation District

Short Project Description:
A debris management plan is needed to better prepare to restore public services and ensure public health and safety in the aftermath of a flood or earthquake and to better position the Mid SJR Region for emergency response funding from the State of California, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other participating entities. Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services proposes the development of a comprehensive, countywide debris management plan.

Long Project Description:
As described by FEMA, “debris removal operations can be time-consuming and costly. Over the last five years, debris removal operations accounted for approximately 27 percent of the disaster recovery costs.” For Stanislaus County and its communities to recover from a disaster in a timely manner, a debris management plan is key. The debris management plan developed would consider large-scale debris removal and disposal operations after a flood or earthquake. By developing a debris management plan, Stanislaus County will be better prepared to address disaster-related debris in a time-efficient manner, expediting the recovery process. Components of the plan may include:

  • Staff Roles and Responsibilities
  • Situation and Assumptions
  • Debris Collection Plan
  • Debris Management Sites
  • Contracted Services
  • Private Property Demolition and Debris Removal
  • Public Information Plan

Unique Project Characteristics:
Both the Patterson Irrigation District and West Stanislaus Irrigation District divert water from the San Joaquin River for delivery to farms within their districts, resulting in significant contributions to the local and state economies annually. River debris and sediment deposition at their intakes and elsewhere within their infrastructure diminish their ability to provide reliable and safe water supplies, and public safety, during and following flood events. Intense rain-flood events within their watersheds can cause similar challenges within and adjacent to their canal systems.

Project Status Pre-planning
Project Cost $110,000
Project Timeframe 1-5 years
Cost-sharing In anticipation of future contributions toward operations and maintenance benefits following plan development, the Patterson Irrigation District and West Stanislaus Irrigation District will consider a reasonable cost share for plan development. In-lieu contribution of their representatives time and expense to participate in district components of plan development is their preferred cost-share approach.
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management and institutional support.
Source of Project The project was an outcome of the emergency response technical memorandum prepared by the Mid SJR RFMP project team. Stakeholders participating in workshops during the fall of 2013 also suggested that this project be considered.

Background Information:
None provided