Dry Creek Watershed Detention Reconnaissance Study

Project Lead: Stanislaus County and City of Modesto

Potential Project Partners:

Short Project Description:
Complete a reconnaissance study of potential options for reducing flood risks by detaining flood flows in the Dry Creek watershed, upstream of the City of Modesto.

Long Project Description:
Conduct a Flood Hazard Assessment in an Integrated Development Planning Study. County will lead the effort, through the collection and review of generally available resource information, including reviewing the 1998 USACE reconnaissance study. The team will review available topographic, hydrologic and vegetation mapping as well as aerial and satellite imagery. This data will then describe the need for a flood hazard assessment.

The flood hazard assessment will involve the preparation of a development strategy with the goal of identifying projects for high priority areas. This will be accomplished by utilizing historical flood data obtained through stream gauges and other flood documentation. Team will identify potential mitigation measures as well as determining acceptable risk within the Planning Study area.

Unique Project Characteristics:
Dry Creek in Stanislaus County has the largest uncontrolled flow in the San Joaquin River basin, which affects both downstream and upstream flood levels within the system.

Project Status Pending funding grants
Project Cost $250,000
Project Timeframe 2015-2016 pending funding
Cost-sharing Up to 10% pending funding
Multi-benefit Project Yes
Types of benefits The project would improve flood risk management and could potentially improve operations and maintenance, promote ecosystem functions, and/or promote multi-benefit projects.
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Background Information:

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